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Cynic Eddie

This Saturday Fuckers!

This Saturday May 14th at Thee Imperial
JAX PUNKFEST 2005! Doors at 3:30pm $7 All Ages
There are 17 bands for only $7 thats roughly 41 cents a band! So forget paying $13 to see Total Chaos at Jack Rabbits with no good openers and forget going to the hardcore fest in St. Augustine for $10 plus gas to get there. Come to Punkfest 2005 and support YOUR local scene, as well as catch 2 great bands from Orlando First Amendment Funeral and Suburban Lockdown.
Bands for Punkfest 05 and Set Times:
Organized Crime 4:15pm
All Dead Army 4:35pm
Basement Bastards 5pm
Chuck A Norris 5:30pm
The Anvils 5:55pm
Closeout 6:30pm
Suburban Lockdown 7:05pm
Pull the Trigger 7:50pm
First Amendment Funeral 8:30pm
Total Resignation 9:15pm
Social Disease 9:50pm
Nine-Tenths 10:25pm
Cynic Society 11pm
Shitthieves 11:40pm
Dischrist 12:25am
Stevie Stilleto 12:40am
The Whole Fiasco 1:15pm
* Note that this is a rough estimate all times could be earlier or later than anticipated.

If you would like to help us pass out flyers and spread the word throughout Jacksonville go to the Cynic Society Myspace Pictures page and click on the Punkfest 05 flyer and print it out! Be sure to write Nine-Tenths and Dischrist in before you copy the flyers!

I will see all of you at Punkfest 05!

Stay Strong & True,
Cynic Ed

PS Repost!
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